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Auto-Immune & Immunology

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from Bartleby.com

Multiple Sclerosis #1

Regina from Maryland writes:

“I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis in February 2000 at the age of 44. I had been experiencing the classic symptoms of vision loss, tingling and heaviness in my limbs, poor balance, extreme fatigue and bladder weakness for months. The official diagnosis was made when my MRI clearly showed lesions on my brain consistent with multiple sclerosis.

The first four years after my diagnosis were difficult and I found that I often had to adjust my busy schedule due to fatigue and symptom flare-ups. As a first-grade teacher and mother of a busy teenage daughter, this was a real challenge at times. Whenever my body temperature would rise the littlest bit (due to exercise, housecleaning, being outside on a hot day or even a long shower), my arms and legs would get so heavy and tingly that I would have to lie down and rest. I could not spend time outside in the hot, humid summer anymore because I would have difficulty walking. This was especially discouraging to me, because summer had always been my favorite season.

I learned to limit my activities and conserve my energy, but never could be sure how I would feel from day to day. This was perhaps the most depressing part of the disease to me. Too many times, I would be looking forward to doing something special and then would have to cancel at the last minute. I finally learned to accept this pattern of disappointment, and concentrate on the days I felt good rather than dwell on the bad days. But, it was definitely a long process. I found that every time I had a relapse, I would go through this grieving process again. My family, friends and colleagues were very supportive and protective of me. Thanks to them, and the care of my neurologist, I continued to adjust and make the best of my situation.

The first four years after my diagnosis followed a somewhat predictable pattern. I would have one or two major exacerbations a year. These relapses would cause me to miss about a week of school and I would be given a very high-dose IV steroid treatment over a three-day period. Even though these steroid treatments could lead to problems in later- life (osteoporosis, vision loss), they enabled me to return to my students and my normal activities sooner and lessened the chance of more permanent disability in the present. I also had many minor flare-ups that would require me to spend several days in bed. Relapses sometimes seemed to be associated with seasonal weather changes and/or stress, but were not always predictable or explainable.

I had been giving myself daily injections of Copaxone to help slow down the progression of the disease, along with taking medications for depression and fatigue. I was also taking Tai Chi and yoga, which helped both my balance, and my spirit. I was doing pretty well on a daily basis and feeling more positive and somewhat in control.

Then, I met Ethan Borg and my life began to change dramatically for the better! I had done a great deal of reading about alternative treatments for MS and acupuncture was seldom mentioned. However, I was very excited to learn that Ethan had treated MS patients in the past and had made some discoveries that were common to all of us. Western medicine has not yet identified the cause or a cure for multiple sclerosis, and each patient is affected differently by the disease. Even though the thought of acupuncture was a bit scary to me, I decided to see if Ethan could help me.

From my very first session with Ethan,
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from Bartleby.com
I noticed positive changes that became more and more dramatic with each visit. First, my energy level greatly increased and I felt a “bounce in my step” that I hadn’t felt in many years. I felt calmer, happier and more emotionally stable. I remember crying tears of joy after one of my first sessions because there was such a difference in how I was feeling on a daily basis. The needles were virtually painless, too.

As Ethan further developed his Fu Xi Wen techniques, I continued to make progress and show improvement. Treatments often did not involve the use of needles at all. I am now able to walk longer distances at a faster pace without experiencing fatigue, heaviness and tingling in my limbs. I easily completed the MS Walk last year for the first time. Previous attempts had failed after walking just a few blocks. My energy level and stamina have soared! In fact, I often forget that I have MS because it does not have an impact on my everyday life anymore. I continue to take my daily injections to hopefully slow down any possible progression of the disease in the future.

The most exciting news is that I have not had a major relapse or required steroid treatments for THREE YEARS!! In the past, every time I would get a cold, virus, fever or infection, my MS symptoms would also flare up. Whenever this would happen, Ethan was able to stop the flare-up dead in its tracks. Now, when I am sick, my illness is not further complicated by having multiple sclerosis at all!

My last two MRI’s have shown that no new lesions have formed in the last three years, even though MS is a progressive disease. Some of the lesions even appeared smaller. Needless to say, my neurologist is thrilled.

As an added bonus, due to Fu Xi Wen, my allergies to cats have almost disappeared and I am now able to enjoy having a pet for the first time in 20 years! The migraines associated with my menstrual cycle have also shown great improvement through Ethan’s treatments. He is now helping me with the hot flashes I am beginning to have at age 51.

About six years ago, I was seriously looking into taking an early retirement from teaching due to my condition. This year, I am celebrating my 30th year of teaching and I have no thoughts of retiring in the near future, even though I am now eligible to retire with full benefits.

My friends and family have noticed these dramatic changes, too, and are so thankful to all that Ethan has done for me. I can truly say that Ethan Borg and his Fu Xi Wen have “turned my life around” and I will be forever grateful.”

Multiple Sclerosis #2

Anne Maria from Virginia writes:

“I first experienced the tingling sensation in my left lower arm in October 2004. It tended to last for 20 minutes to an hour. At first it happened late in the afternoon and after I woke up at night for one of my frequent trips to the bathroom.The issue went away in December 2004, but it was back by March 2005. It gradually got worse and became a burning tingle.

The sensation extended to my entire left arm, left side of my head, and inside my left ear. I would have several episodes, mostly towards evening and during the night. I wasn’t able to focus on anything but the painful tingling sensation. I could not even carry on a conversation because the tingling was so severe. I would wake up at night and have to stay up to deal with the tingling. I tried medication, ice, compression, or a hot water bottle – nothing worked. I would put a cotton ball in my ear to keep any air out. I even saw an ENT specialist to see if there was something wrong with my ear. He examined me, could find nothing wrong, and concluded it was my MS. He essentially said I had to live with it.

Finally, having exhausted everything I could think of, I decided to try Fu Xi Wen. I started Fu Xi Wen therapy at the end of September 2006. It was the best thing I could have done. I am now either tingling pain free or the level is a 1 or 2 on a scale of 10. It took about four treatments to start to see results – and it took about thirteen treatments to get the painful sensation to a very manageable 1 – 2 level. By January of 2007, I had a full week where I was tingle free and it was truly wonderful.”

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from Bartleby.com

Weak Immune System

Kerry from Maryland and Virginia writes:

“At the time I began to see Ethan my immune system appeared to be shot. My body couldn’t effectively fight even a common cold. I was continually sick over the 6 to 9 month period where I was experiencing cold and flu symptoms every couple of weeks. On top of that the cold/flu would linger longer than normal. I went to my primary care physician at the time and was told the same thing over and over. 'Just a virus and here take these drugs.' It was quite disconcerting to me as I was one who maybe saw a doctor once or twice a year, but never once a month. My doctor wasn’t even too concerned. It was the standard 'Oh, that virus is going around. We’ve had lots of people with the same symptoms' I certainly was not comfortable with that response nor did I want to be taking drugs every couple of weeks to address something my body should be able to handle. During this time I also discovered an issue with mold in the house I was renting. Although it wasn’t the toxic kind of mold that kills, it certainly was harmful to my body.

I final made an appointment with Ethan after having a bout of bronchitis, the flu, and some sort of stomach bug all in a week period. Within the first couple of treatments (once or twice a week) I started to feel better. I also decided to move. I managed to not catch a cold for a month and a half. On top of that my body was able to defeat the cold by itself and within 3 days the cold was gone. That was a record for me considering previous bouts. Over the next 4 to 6 months I saw Ethan regularly. Each time realizing my immune system was getting stronger. I’d start to feel like a cold was coming on, but it never became full blown. I’m very glad to say that after my treatments I’ve been healthy much like I was before and haven’t experienced anything more than maybe one cold in the last two years.”

Head Cold

Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

A thirty year old programmer came in sniffling from a head cold. The Recharging the Battery technique immediately stopped the running nose. Fire Qi was directed in North, West and South directions where pathogenic Qi was palpable. The programmer reported a feeling of relief from the oppressive feeling of being sick. The cold weakened considerably and he reported feeling well the next day with no further signs of the infection.

Frequent Colds

Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

A thirty year old writer asked to be relieved of frequent colds and flues. Treatment focused on restoring the craniosacral rhythm by warming the Yang of the cerebrospinal fluid and the smooth muscles associated with the meninges. Additionally, we cleared excess cold from the lymphatic vessels of the face. This treatment was repeated four times. At which point, a major illness ran through his family. He reported that for the first time ever, his wife became sick while he did not. In subsequent colds and flues, he reported a shorter recovery period than his family members and colleagues with the same conditions.


Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

I was seeing patients when I suddenly fell dizzy. I immediately went home and got into bed fighting nausea. A four day flu was rampant in the community, and I knew I had been stricken. Since I was too ill to use my tools, I employed EmoteishinTM techniques to balance my visual cortex, my cerebrospinal fluid, and by cerebrum. I also balanced my stomach organ and my cardiac sphincter. All of this was to stop the vertigo and the nausea. Within a couple of hours I was out of bed eating a light dinner. The four day flu became a four hour flu that day.

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