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Reproductive Issues

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from Bartleby.com

Pregnancy With IVF

Brooke White of Frederick, MD writes:

“After nearly two years of trying for a second child, and going through six Clomid cycles, one surgery, three failed IUI cycles, one failed IVF cycle, and one canceled IVF cycle, my husband and I were at our emotional and financial breaking point. When we began the IVF talk, we 'drew our line' and agreed that we would try it three times and either quit for good or take a long break. We had already had one successful pregnancy, so it was frustrating because we knew my body could do it, but for some reason, the second time around wasn't so easy.

When the second IVF cycle was canceled, I couldn't believe that we were at 'our line'. I knew this was 'it' or at least for quite a while. I felt that I wasn't getting any younger, but more importantly our son wasn't getting any younger either. We were already facing more than a four-year gap between them if the third cycle did, indeed turn out to be successful. I was ready to try anything else that was out there!

My fertility doctor suggested acupuncture, but not only that, she suggested acupuncture by Ethan Borg. I found his number and was able to get an appointment with him rather quickly.

Let me back up and explain that for the third cycle my fertility doctor decided to try a rather aggressive drug protocol, meaning that I would be injecting myself twice daily with three times the amount of FSH that I had taken during the first cycle. I was very worried about this because during the first IVF cycle, I felt so awful (very low energy, headaches, rapid weight gain/ bloating) that I shuttered to think of how I was going to feel with three times the hormones in my body!

Through Fu Xi Wen 'magic' he was able to determine that the area of my body where my reproductive organs reside was ice cold. . . it's supposed to be warm. As I remember, his thinking was that because it was so cold, and not getting the blood supply that it needed, the fertility drugs were not getting to where they needed to either and were probably floating around other parts of my body causing the side effects.

As I began seeing Ethan, (and shortly thereafter began the third IVF cycle) he started working on getting my body back in balance. He also tried helping me to feel as good as I could during the treatment and to help me with the stress that naturally comes along with this sort of thing. From the first visit, I felt more relaxed! Each time (that I came in for a session) I felt better and better even with the outrageous amounts of FSH going in my body twice daily. I can honestly say that I had more energy and was less stressed then I had been since I had started trying to have a second child! It was truly amazing to me!

Although I didn't end up producing many more embryos, I was still very hopeful because of how different I felt. As 'embryo transfer' day was approaching, Ethan recommended that I come see him as soon as possible after having the embryos transferred back to my body. Most women wait until after the prescribed bed rest, usually the next day. However, I will admit, that I decided to begin my prescribed bed rest after I had seen Ethan!

Two weeks later, I went in for the blood pregnancy test. I couldn't have guessed the
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from Bartleby.com
outcome one way or the other at that point. But, I was thrilled when hours later my nurse called and gave me the good news! I was pregnant! Everything worked out this time! Fast forward nearly a year later, and I am now holding another beautiful baby boy in my arms!

My husband and I think that we would like to try for one more child in a few years down the road. I think I will even give Fu Xi Wen the chance to balance out my body, if it needs it, and see if we can do it the 'old fashioned' way without IVF, at least for a few cycles that is. If we do have to go down the IVF road again, I will definitely be seeing Ethan again too! I won't do anything differently. Which includes seeing Ethan before I begin bed rest!”

Pregnancy Sciatica

April Clemons of Frederick, MD writes:

“During my fifth month of pregnancy, I started to have shooting pains down my leg and numbness that would cause me to lose muscle control. I also had some lower, central back pain. While walking to work one morning, the condition flared up and I fell. I called my doctor who referred me to a chiropractor. The chiropractor said it would be a month or two before it got better and I’d need to come in three times a week. I did it for a week and found no improvement.

I decided to try Fu Xi Wen. Twenty minutes into the treatment, I felt relief. My back felt better and my leg was starting to feel better as well. About 24 hours later I felt complete relief and it never came back. I did a follow up treatment a week later to make sure it was gone completely and sure enough it was. My sciatica never returned.”

Postpartum Care/Postpartum Blues Prevention

April Clemons of Frederick, MD writes:

“I had an amazing, drug-free and intervention-free birth and felt wonderful afterwards. But, five days postpartum, I crashed. I felt horrible. I was so drained and my back and neck hurt. I had some difficulty walking, and was feeling mentally exhausted. I came in for a Fu Xi Wen treatment crying because of the pain and mental fatigue.The treatment seemed a bit strange at first. Five minutes into the treatment, I started to feel so relaxed and a strong sense of peace. Twenty minutes into the treatment, my neck, hip, and back pain were starting to disappear and I felt so invigorated. I left the treatment feeling on top of the world; so energized and so happy.

The next day, I felt wonderful. All the pains were gone and I felt great mentally. I took it easy for a few days, then went back to my normal busy routine. I came in for Fu Xi Wen treatments on a weekly basis for about four weeks to ensure I didn’t feel that poorly again. I always have felt confident in all the decisions I’ve made so far as a mom and I attribute that to the Fu Xi Wen treatments so shortly after birth. I have not had any postpartum blue or depression either, which I also attribute to Fu Xi Wen treatments.”


Christy from Maryland wrote:

“I was referred to Ethan by my fertility specialist. I had been diagnosed as 'unexplained infertility' with annovulation and Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) as a possible cause. We had been trying for 3 years and had endured 6 Inter Uterine Inseminations and 1 In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). All of which had failed. I had done acupuncture before for 6 months with another practitioner and had no results. Since this was a referral from my doctor, I thought I'd give it a shot.

I started seeing Ethan during my 2nd IVF cycle. The treatments yielded results in that my egg quality was much better and we finally got a positive pregnancy test. This was the first positive pregnancy test we had ever had. Unfortunately, I experienced a miscarriage at 6 weeks. After the miscarriage I decided that I wanted to try a more holistic route of trying to have a baby.

With Fu Xi Wen treatment alone, I have
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from Bartleby.com
had wonderful results. My cycles are now normal (28 days) where before I ranged from 32 to 60 days. I have also been ovulating every month for the past 6 months. I'm in the best shape of my life and finally feel like we have a real chance at having a baby without all the hormone medications, injections and painful egg retrievals. I always come away from my treatments feeling more relaxed and hopeful that I will have my baby the old fashioned way.”

Hot Flashes

Judith from Maryland writes:

“Oh my god, my hot flashes were killing me. I just wish my period would stop already and I could move on to the next phase of womanhood. I have been seeing Ethan for years, first for acupuncture and then for Fu Xi Wen. I was diagnosed with MS years ago and with Ethan's help I have the energy to work again. I have inflammations and “itises” everywhere and Fu Xi Wen has helped with those too. As for the hot flashes, I still run hotter than normal but with Fu Xi Wen I have gone weeks without any major hot flashes or nightsweats.”

Increased Sperm Count

Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

A thirty six year old construction worker came to my practice at the behest of his wife. After his first IUI, his sperm count measured 1 million. After three Fu Xi Wen treatments that focused on increasing blood flow to the testicles, he and his wife underwent another IUI at the local fertility center. This time, his sperm count was 26 million.


Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

A forty year old salesman had been diagnosed with extremely painful prostatitis for eighteen months following a vassectomy. I used acupuncture exclusively at the first appointment and he reported feeling significantly better and had days without discomfort. I then added Fu Xi Wen by balancing his arteries and veins and low abdomen nerves. That treatment saw an increase in his pain once again. I then used Paint the Box around the local area and abdomen. I also treated the prostate gland and local arteries. After this, he reported feeling much better. A month passed and he reported almost forgetting entirely that he had prostititis as he was almost entirely asymptomatic.

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