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Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from Bartleby.com

A fifty-seven year old technologist complained of multiple neuralgias including the sensation of a constant pressure being applied to her face in addition to arm and tongue numbness. I used Fu Xi Wen to balance her tendons, ligaments, muscles, and nerves. After six treatments, she reported cessation of pressure in her face, a tremendous increase in energy, cessation of numbness in her tongue, and a decrease in numbness in her fingers.

Early Stage Parkinson's

Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

I was treating a forty-nine year old researcher for symptomatic relief of myasthenia gravis when he came in with a new diagnosis. His neurologist had diagnosed a new tremor in his hands as early stage parkinson's. The majority of the treatment focused on his other complaints but at the very end, I quickly balanced the Man level of the tendons and ligaments running along his spine. We were both shocked and amazed when his hands immediately stopped shaking. The next appointment, he reported a 99% improvement in the trembling. So, I repeated that quick treatment. I saw him several more times before he moved out of town, but in that time period the trembling never returned.

Head Tremor, IBS, and Anxiety

Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

A fifty-two year old competitive dancer complained of neck tightness, head tremor, anxiety, and digestive complaints (related to a diagnosis of IBS). During the first treatment, I gave her an emotional balancing treatment and improved the circulation in her abdomen. While her anxiety improved slightly, there was not much overall change in her condition. With acupuncture alone, she started to see minor improvements over the next couple of treatments. At the fourth treatment, I was working through the Fu Xi Wen concepts of Jing and Qi and added a magnet. At the next appointment, she reported having experienced the best day ever of her entire life regarding her stress. I continued to work with her for week after week adding Fu Xi Wen massage, remote treatments, local treatments, Recharging The Battery, Room Sequencing, and additional Fu Xi Wen techniques. During this time period, she reported continual improvements in her conditions as well as dramatic shifts in her quality of life. She no longer avoided conflicts in her life, she stopped taking medications (with the consent of her doctor), and she even quit a job that was making her very stressed out and unhappy. By the time she discontinued her treatments most of her complaints were 85% improved or more.

Decreased Sexual Pleasure

Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

A thirty-four year old teacher complained of diminishing pleasure on orgasm. He had a history of benign prostatic hypertrophy and burning discomfort on urinating. His urologist had prescribed a month-long antibiotic regimen for the hypertrophy which he wished to avoid.

Treatment focused on balancing the sensory nerves related to the gonads. The muscles associated with the penis were strengthened and the container Qi and blood flow for the prostate were addressed. After only two treatments, the burning on
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from Bartleby.com
urination had cleared and the pleasure of orgasm had dramatically improved. In fact, he reported having the best orgasms of his adult life. At his follow up treatment, the patient indicated satisfaction with his results and wondered why every man wasn’t using Fu Xi Wen.

Improved Memory

Ethan of Frederick, MD writes:

“I used to have a photographic memory in high school. That disappeared after college. My memory continued to decline, especially after graduate school. I found myself so depleted, my short term memory turned to mush. This improved over time but never returned to the speed and clarity from before.

In the process of discovering Fu Xi Wen Anatomy, I discovered the corpus collosum in the limbic system part of the cerebrum. This turned out to be well timed in that an MS patient of mine recently discovered a shrinkage of her corpus collosum via her latest MRI. So, I treated the container Qi of my corpus collosum to see whether I could help her.

Within twenty-four hours, I noticed significant improvement in my recall that reversed at least five years of decline. This improvement has continued months after that single treatment.”

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