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Myopia and Astigmatism

Ethan from Frederick, MD writes:

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from Bartleby.com

“I never needed glasses until I was in high school. Then I used them sparingly but by the time I was in college, I relied upon them full time. My initial prescription was 20/50 with astigmatism and my vision only got worse from there. That is, until I started to treat the muscles and smooth muscles of my eyes with Fu Xi Wen. Immediately, I noticed improvements. I used Room Sequencing and Six Directional Treatments no more than six or seven times. I recently went to my eye doctor. The technician asked me if I had received laser surgery. I asked her why and she told me my vision had returned to 20/20 with improvement in my astigmatism. A review of the physiology of the eye indicated no change in the physical astigmatism, but in the visual tests, the strengthened muscles were apparently compensating for the imperfect shape of the eye. To this day, I am surprised how clearly I see things because of Fu Xi Wen.”

Cold Feet

Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

A thirty year old healer told me his feet had slowly been growing increasingly cold over the last couple of years. I treated the arteries of his torso and legs and warmed the interior and exterior boundaries of the arteries. I also warmed the bone marrow. During his treatments, I also had the opportunity to warm his hypothalamus via the limbic system in his cerebrum. All of these variables warmed his feet. One year later, those feet were still staying warm even in extremely cold weather.

I have had innumerable cases of poor circulation where a single Fu Xi Wen treatment has resulted in a reversal in life-long cold hands and feet.

Kidney Cancer

Bill from Virginia writes:

“When I discovered that I had kidney cancer, I was already seeing Ethan for stress-related issues. He began working hard on me, to prepare me for the surgery; I saw him weekly for three weeks prior to the surgery. As a result, my body was as healthy as it could be for the surgery. One-third of my left kidney was first removed, then in three weeks my entire right kidney was removed. Three weeks after the second surgery, I was back in his office, working on issues of pain, energy, and healing. As a result, I recovered fairly quickly and with few complications. Fu Xi Wen was a central part of my treatment.”

Prostate Cancer

Bill from Virginia writes:

“When I discovered that I had prostate cancer, I began to see Ethan immediately. He worked on my body so that it would be healthy and ready for the cryosurgery. Following the cryosurgery, I returned to see him, to assist with the recovery. I was not ready to deal with this issue, after just recovering from kidney cancer and two surgeries with that, and enjoying life and health.

Ethan dealt with my feeling state, as well as what was going on in my body. I then had to undergo nine months of preventive hormone treatment. This treatment put my body into chemically induced menopause, with the loss of muscle mass, hot flashes, some mental fuzziness, low energy and sleep problems.
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from Bartleby.com
Ethan’s Fu Xi Wen treatment was very important in dealing with these issues, so that the menopause was minimally disruptive. And my recovery at the end of the treatment has been rapid. I am delighted not to have any hot flashes now, I take no naps in the afternoon, and I am adding more weights during my gym exercises. It has been only three months after the end of my treatment, and my prostate specialist said that it would take a full year for my testosterone to return to full levels. Thanks to a Fu Xi Wen treatment by Ethan, my testosterone is returning rapidly.Many times I could tell a noticeable difference the next day after seeing Ethan.”

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