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Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from Bartleby.com

Mary Kearney, M.S. From Frederick, MD writes:

“I began Fu Xi Wen treatments with Ethan Borg, L.Ac. in 2006 after suffering from fatigue for 15 years. My problems with fatigue began in my early twenties. For years I believed that my tiredness was due to my hectic schedule of parenting, work, and school. After several trips to the doctor complaining of fatigue, I finally requested a lab slip to have my thyroid checked. The lab results showed that I had hypothyroid disease. I was relieved to find that my fatigue could be treated with simple thyroid hormone therapy. However, although improved, after a year on the prescription I was still feeling tired.

I began to think that it was just my nature to be tired and that I would never have the energy that I saw in others. After a discussion with my doctor she recommended that in addition to the thyroid hormone, I should consider acupuncture. A friend recommended Ethan Borg. I underwent Fu Xi Wen treatments by Ethan for several months and the energy of my youth slowly returned. I was able to wake in the morning with energy and it was sustained all day. Today, my energy level still does not wane even in the afternoons or after eating, something I did not think was possible for me. Now that my energy has been restored I am not only able to be more productive at work and at home but I fully enjoy life more!”

Fatigue #2

Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

A sixty-one year old instructor came to see me about her low energy at a time when I was working through the concepts of Qi versus Jing. I used a combination of acupuncture and Fu Xi Wen (without magnets), focusing mainly on Recharging The Battery. After one treatment she improved from a 5/10 to a 7.5/10 with better stamina. More Recharging followed. Surprisingly, she reported a drop in her energy back to 5/10. I added a magnet to the treatment and Recharged the Battery again. Her energy rose to 8/10 at which point she decided she could discontinue treatment.

Multiple Sclerosis

Anne Maria from Virginia writes:

“I noticed that I had an increase in energy as a result of the Fu Xi Wen treatments – I noticed that feeling after the first couple of treatments and it never went away. I am not as tired as I was and can focus on other tasks – which is a great feeling.”

Fatigue #3

Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

A middle aged woman came to see me to balance her energy. I Recharged her Battery and recharged the smaller batteries of her stomach and spleen organs. At the next appointment she appeared slightly manic and expressed having had 11/10 energy all week. I focused on cooling her Yin to ground her energy. She reported having the best energy of her life thereafter.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from Bartleby.com

Fatigue #4

Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

An acupuncturist came to see me to help her with extreme fatigue. She had a green hue and she looked totally wiped out. I Recharged her Battery, warmed the Bone Batteries, and increased energy in the spleen and stomach organs. Within three weeks of treatment, she felt wonderful and discontinued treatment. I have had countless cases like this in which Fu Xi Wen has quickly erased years of fatigue.

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