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Emotional Conditions

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from Bartleby.com

Smoking Addiction

Ethan Borg Clinical Case History:

A fifty-one year old office manager came to me to quit smoking so that she could earn a special bonus at work. I was skeptical of how much I could help her, given my mixed performance using acupuncture detox points for smoking-cessation. Nevertheless, I used these “acu-detox” points with Fu Xi Wen. I used the non-inserted acupuncture needle devices I invented to send energy North-South, East-West, and Up and down at her chest, abdomen, sides at ribs and sides below ribs. I didn't see her for a month after that treatment and she informed me upon her return that she went an entire month without smoking despite the fact that she still had cravings and tasted the cigarettes in her mouth. I repeated the treatment and by the next appointment she had quit for six weeks with fewer cravings. She discontinued treatment after five treatments. I bumped into her at a party six months later. She proudly announced to all of the party guests that she had quit smoking thanks to her work with Fu Xi Wen.

Hair Pulling From Anxiety

Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

A fifty year old teacher told me she had been pulling her hair from anxiety since she was seventeen years old. I treated her Ren, Du, and Dai using the emotional treatment techniques. The next appointment she mentioned she touched her hair sparingly during that week. I repeated the treatment and the next week she announced she had had not pulled her hair once in that time. That treatment, I had her stand for four of the Six Directional Treatment controlling excess Water Qi in her flesh, muscles, blood vessels, arteries, veins, and organ directions around her face, neck, and chest. After another treatment, she told me her hair pulling was not 100% better but that she was very happy with her progress. I saw her several months later and was told her hair pulling had been under control for three and a half months but that she felt she needed a maintenance treatment.


Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

A seventy-five year old woman sought relief from anxiety that often manifested as panic attacks as a passenger in a vehicle. Emotional treatment was applied to Ren, Du and Dai and Recharge the Battery technique was applied at the first treatment. She reported a 40% improvement in her anxiety and multiple trips in vehicles without panic attacks. Emotional treatments were continued over the course of several weeks, once a week. Her anxiety diminished to tolerable levels and she reported no panic attacks over the course of treatment.


Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

A thirty year old saleswoman who hated her job that involved constant driving complained of depression, knee pain, shoulder and neck pain. Fu Xi Wen was applied to the problem. Emotional treatments were applied to the Ren, Du, and Dai and Recharging the Battery was also employed. All of the pains (except the neck pain) subsided and she felt emotionally wonderful for several days until she crashed. I continued with the emotional treatments and then started to balance the muscles and tendons. The
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from Bartleby.com
neck would not budge, but the other pains improved remarkably. Her outlook on life was more positive, with a decrease in hopelessness. Fu Xi Wen pulse diagnosis pointed to blood flow issues in the neck. Working on this improved the neck 50%. Her job stress increased and we managed this by balancing her autonomic nervous system. The pain in the neck finally improved dramatically when the muscles were treated indirectly through their dependencies with the attached bones.

Grief and Loss

Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

A thirty-four year old therapist reported feelings of grief and loss about her failed marriage. She felt stagnant and stuck and found herself crying frequently, sleeping infrequently, and having no interests and motivation. I balanced her autonomic nervous system and performed the emotional treatment techniques on her Ren and Dai. At the next appointment, she reported five days of benefit. Her entire demeanor had changed to more enthusiastic and postive. I treated her hormones over the course of the next two treatments and she reported feeling very good, awakening in a good mood, and sleeping deeply. Another emotional treatment later and she said she was jumping out of bed and had tremendous energy. I was concerned she might be heading towards mania and cooled the Earth plane. At the next appointment, she reported feeling very grounded and very positive.

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