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Fresh Red Cheeks

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from Bartleby.com

Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

A twenty-year old young woman complained of bright red cheeks that had been a life-long source of insecurity. I began by treating her with traditional acupuncture and saw modest improvement in her condition. At her third appointment, I switched to Fu Xi Wen utilizing Man level depth tools to cool the flesh of her face and tonified Earth Qi in the Man level from her face to her legs. After that treatment, she reported no longer noticing her cheeks. As she was away in school, I didn't see her for another four months. At that time, she reported a clear decrease in the redness of her cheeks but not a complete resolution. Fu Xi Wen theory had advanced in the meantime, and I could now focus the treatment to clear heat from the skin, blood vessels within the skin and blood vessels beneath the skin. One week later she reported her acne cleared up and that she had not noticed redness in her cheeks.

Pediatric Eczema

Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

A three year old child developed chronic eczema following her second DPT vaccination (having had a rash after her first DPT injection that resolved on its own). I treated the skin level of her elbows and knees with the Multi-Dimensional technique using Advanced Perfusion and Advanced Container Theory. Two days after that treatment, the chronic rash disappeared and did not return.


Ethan Borg Clinical Case History

Many times I have burnt myself with hot steam or on the edge of a hot pot. Immediate Water Qi microbursts at the skin level, the capillary level beneath the skin, and the flesh level stopped the burning sensation and stopped the burn and its physiological consequences immediately.

Making soup one day with my daughter, I turned on the blender and the force of the soup pushed the top cover off spraying my three year old daughter and myself with scalding hot soup. I administered Water Qi microbursts and neither of us suffered from any burn sores, scars, or side effects.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from Bartleby.com

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