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What Should I Expect?

Fu Xi Wen treatments are painless. You
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can keep your clothes on – unless you enjoy being naked. You're in your own home, so throw caution to the wind. Even if your problem is in your nethers, you do not need to explore your nethers in any painful or displeasing manner. You may need to move your arms or legs in awkward angles to get your treatment tools in place. If this causes you discomfort, learn Advanced level Fu Xi Wen that allows you to treat all problems remotely using just your arms and legs.

Tools are placed near the skin of the body without touching it. As you build your skills, you start to move the tools up/down or side to side. When you get really good, you get to use multiple tools at the same time and move in any appropriate angle in 360°. Using tools attached to the computer (speakers or headsets) may cause some awkwardness, so make sure you have long cords that can comfortably reach the parts of your body that need treatment. Also, make sure these cords are kept safely away from young children.

I tend to recommend headphones over speakers as speakers are large and bulky, hard to hold, and tend to be too wide to hold near the skin. The first headphones I used were broken making it extremely easy to point the ear pieces in any direction. Some modern headphones fit onto the ears alone and are not connected over the bridge of the head. These are excellent for Fu Xi Wen. You only need to hold and manipulate one of the two sides for treatment.


Every tissue of the body can be defined as a combination of two angles. When you look at a compass, the arrow can point anywhere in 360°. The first angle of importance relates to North, South, East, and West. A tissue can be North and slightly East or North and slightly West. Or it can be South West. South East. And so on. In other words, the first angle of importance relates to a direction around you parallel to the ground. The second angle of importance relates to the angle perpendicular to the ground. These angles are described from 0° (parallel to the ground ) to 90° with 90° pointing straight up or 0° to -90° with -90° pointing straight down. So, the angle could be 85° from the ground or -35°, 20°, and -45° and so forth. Every angle has an abbreviation that I will teach you later. Talking about things in degrees can be bulky and messy, so be sure to learn the abbreviations when the time is right.

Put the two angles (vertical to the ground and parallel to the ground) together and you get a direction and an angle. In fact, every tissue angle has two compass angles (we call one “Yin” and the other “Yang”) but only one vertical angle. For instance, capillaries can be found at both the South East (slightly more East than South) and South West (slightly more West then South) at an angle of 85° from the ground.

Treatment Overview

When you are ready to treat yourself, first you need to identify the tissue that needs to be treated. In some cases this is straight forward, in other cases this is very complicated. This website attempts to simplify this process for you. Next, you need to determine the correct angle and compass directions that correspond with the tissue that needs to be treated. The sound instrument is directed towards these angles/directions and the sound is turned on. A treatment only needs to last a few seconds to a minute to have a dramatic effect – but this effect may take up
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
to twenty-four hours to fully manifest. You should notice the tissue feels differently, usually warmer or tingling.

As you move up the skill ladder, you will move the sound tool in certain angles or directions, use more tools, and employ specific techniques to deepen and strengthen the effect.

Sensations After Treatment

When the treatment is over you may or may not feel anything right away. Shortly after the treatment, you may feel your hands and feet get cold. This can last for up to 48 hours and is almost always a good sign. Strange aches and pains may come and go in new locations of the body. They should be sudden, minor and pass quickly. This is okay and should be expected. You also may feel relaxed. In some instances you may feel tired.

If you treated the correct tissues, you should notice the problem has changed in some way after twenty-four hours. The location of the problem can change. The intensity can change. The type of discomfort can change. This change may be dramatic or it may be extremely subtle depending on how close you were at treating the root of the problem. The strength of the effect improves as you gain skill levels and start to use additional tools and techniques.

If you follow the directions as they are described on this website, it is unlikely you will experience any side effects other than what have already been listed above. If you do, it may simply be a coincidence. For instance, in the clinic, people often catch a cold shortly after a treatment and think the cold was the result of the treatment. It was just coincidence. Fu Xi Wen cannot cause you to get infected by a virus. Coincidences happen. Then again, a side effect may mean you have incorrectly treated yourself. You may have used the wrong angle, the wrong compass direction, the wrong frequency or frequencies, or treated yourself too loud or too long. In any case, immediately stop treating yourself.

Should you experience a side effect from a single treatment at the beginning skill levels, this side effect will be short term and will self-correct if not repeated. While it is extremely unlikely, if at any time you feel you are experiencing a medical emergency of any sort call 911 immediately and let other people know you are in distress.

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