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Complicating Factors

One major problem Fu Xi Wen faces is
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
its reliance on the wonderful magnetism of our planet. This magnetism creates North and South poles. Let's see how this makes things interesting.

Magnetic Mysteries

The ancient Chinese lived in the Northern hemisphere as do I. All of their assumptions were based on North being cold and South being hot. Yet when we flip hemispheres, the opposite is clearly the case. Question #1 that must be hashed out by Southern Hemispherites: Does everything flip? And I mean everything – not just North and South, but also East and West as it corresponds with Fu Xi Wen angles.

Do we get a compass flip flop? If this were the case, I am uncertain how people could safely travel across the equator. So I assume things stay exactly the same as I describe them, but I cannot be certain. Perhaps our energetic system can quickly adapt to magnetic shifts. Perhaps this explains why air travel, even short trips, can be particularly exhausting.

I posit that the magnetic forces of the North pole versus the South pole are more important than the hot equatorial/cold pole relationship. If this is the case, than no change would be required for the tissue-angles.

Given that before I created Fu Xi Wen I visited the Southern hemisphere and did not in fact have my insides explode outside (except for that unfortunate Thai meal in Wellington, New Zealand), I am guessing the polar effects are not life shattering, but nevertheless significant.

True Versus Local North

The next issue is that of true magnetic North versus local magnetic North. Anyone who knows anything about magnetism will tell you that across the globe there are innumerable local magnetic anomalies. Should one trust one's compass or rely on true North for the Fu Xi Wen tissue-angles?

I believe the answer to this question is that the local magnetic system is more important than true North. I believe one can trust their actual magnet and not rely on true North. All of my work has been based on my compass and not true North.

The worst case scenario is that not only am I wrong but that I myself live in a magnetic anomaly that has skewed everything. The good news is that I do travel regionally quite often and have not noticed a difference from one region to another. Still, I will need help from other people to clarify this picture.

Angles And The Equator

The next complication was generated by a patient of mine who happens to be an engineer in the aviation industry. He questioned whether the angles themselves might change as one approaches the equator. Do they flatten out or become more steep? As I have observed, the angles themselves appear to organize
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
evolutionarily. The shortest angles relate to single cells and the largest angles relate to large complex structures. There is a graduated rise from low to high that corresponds with growing levels of cellular interaction and complexity within an organism.

I believe this means that the angles will more or less be roughly where I describe them as evolution is essentially the same from prokaryot to eukaryot to whales in the sea. If I am wrong, Fu Xi Wen becomes a hell of a lot more complicated than I am describing it, with each latitude requiring its own tissue-angle adjustment.

While I would prefer to borrow your private jet, your pilot, your expense account, and your lap dog, and travel the world to solve these questions, alas, I must live in reality. You will never let me borrow your lap dog. Instead, I propose that you explore any discrepancies from what I describe in these pages and send your discoveries to me and post them in the Forums.

Interesting Asides

Given the hardwired nature of our energetic physiology with the magnetic poles, some interesting questions emerge in my mind that have no major relevance to Fu Xi Wen. First, what happens if the magnetic poles reverse? It has been speculated that the poles have reversed hundreds of times over hundreds of millions of years. Clearly, living organisms survived these reversals. The question in my mind is: what happened to living organisms at the time of the reversals? What would happen to us were we to live during a magnetic reversal?

Second, if our energy is tied to magnetic poles, then what does this mean for space travel? Wouldn't it suggest that the loss of bone and muscle mass experienced by astronauts is likely the result of living without strong magnetic poles? Also, the fact that people can survive in space without strong magnetic poles suggests that we are physiologically capable of doing so for a limited amount of time. What is that time horizon? What is the cost to the body (mind and spirit) to live without our energetic matrix?

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