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Collaborator! Collaborator!

Fu Xi Wen can only be Open Source
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Medicine if people out there contribute to it. For this reason, the highest skill level in Fu Xi Wen is the level of Contributor.

This medicine is in a nascent state. I expect it will take three generations before it fully matures and is ready to combat all of our human woes. In the meantime, there is much to do and your help is greatly needed.

This chapter reflects my plans for creating a Fu Xi Wen organizational structure. I envision this medicine as a large ship and while I am the captain, I cannot navigate and maintain the ship alone. I hope to make the workings of this ship transparent so that anyone, even a beginner, can see themselves rising along the ranks to captain one day. Yes! It could be you. “Happy birthday, Mr. President!” (American cultural reference).

If Fu Xi Wen is a pyramid, the foundation of the pyramid is all of its users across all of the skill levels. Those users who become Contributors are welcome to join the next tier of the pyramid, the Developer Base. This Base will be run by an appointed Board of Managers. This Board will be appointed by me and will consist of dedicated volunteers who will coordinate all aspects of Fu Xi Wen. Beneath the Board will be various committees with oversight over specific theoretical divisions of the medicine. These divisions will be volunteer positions appointed by the Board. Within each division anyone can submit theoretical ideas, treatment strategies, solutions to disease imbalances, structural advice about Fu Xi Wen, advice on improving the Fu Xi Wen educational content and website functionality. This submission process will be entirely public, entirely democratic, and will consist entirely of postings to the discussion boards. Each committee will oversee, moderate, and edit their own discussion boards.

Committee Examples

Some committees that I can clearly identify as of this writing include:

  • Crackpot Committee (core theory committee): adding and subtracting to the core theoretical concepts of Fu Xi Wen

  • The Big Kahuna (oversight committee): oversight over the structural elements of the Developer Base

  • Emergency Geek Rescue and Recovery (website development): improving the functionality of the official Fu Xi Wen gateway

  • Contented Ones (content development): improving the educational components of the website to make it easier to learn and more accessible to everyone.

  • Graphic Animaniax (visual arts): creating visual elements of the website, including better videos

  • Power Dogs (lobbying committee): protecting the political interests of Fu Xi Wen

  • In Decent Exposure (license committee): creating the proper licensing requirements and testing standards for creating a class of licensed Fu Xi Wen professionals.

  • Teishin Nation (Grass roots committee): organizing community networks for learning Fu Xi Wen and practicing Emoteishin

More committees will need to be added,
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
but these should start the ball rolling.

Oh, did I happen to mention who was at the top of the pyramid? Let's face it folks, that's me. I am the benevolent dictator for now. I will make the final decisions as to what changes are made or not made to Fu Xi Wen based on the advice of the Board of Managers and the committees. When I give up the helm, the Board will elect a new leader.

Checks and Balances

The governance structure for Fu Xi Wen will contain numerous checks and balances. The main purpose of these checks and balances is to create a functional committee system. The exact design of this structure will be created by our community – taking advantage of the inherent intelligence of our members.

My hope is that committees will meet electronically utilizing the best open source collaborative software available, including the live chat software on The Official Fu Xi Wen Website. Meetings will also take place when possible at conferences. The President and the Board will meet in person or electronically on a quarterly basis or more frequently as required. The Board and each respective committee will meet as frequently as needed. Each committee will have a Chair who is the spokesperson for the committee and organizes committee meetings. The chairs will all meet in a their own governance committee. All meetings of all members of the governance structure will keep public notes.

Each particular committee will be in charge of Forums under its domain, with special focus on fostering healthy, positive, and productive communication. As collaborators on a big project we need leadership, but most importantly we need healthy communication and a shared passion. The committees will be the soil in which the seeds of our energies will grow. And the Developer Base will be in charge of weeding and hedging to make something beautiful rise to the next generations.

International Flavors

Fu Xi Wen is international and given that its structure is almost entirely connected by the light of fiber optics, I hope its developer base will be multinational. English will be the official language of international Fu Xi Wen. That said, I encourage people to communicate between themselves in whatever language they prefer and we will create committees for specific nations and languages as the need and opportunity arises.

Anything worthwhile takes time. Anything substantial takes collaboration. Fu Xi Wen is worthwhile and it will be substantial. It needs your energy and your help to become the bloated bureaucratic pig it is one day meant to be. Let this chapter be the first of many “oinks” in the mud.

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