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Novice Treatment Overview

You're a moderate beginner. Be proud.
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You can make a difference here and there. But complicated problems are still outside of your skill set.

Here at the Novice level, we are still working with treatment shortcuts. However, we are getting closer to our ultimate goal: powerful Open Source Medicine. Again, you should expect good but modest results at this level and you should choose simple treatment goals. The competency you need to build is the ability to hold the treatment tool at the same angle no matter in what plane, up down or side to side, you move the tool.

Also, now is the time to dig deeper into the tissue-angles and compass directions and explore the art of tissue selection. Problems may seem related to one tissue, such as a nerve. But in reality, there may be two or three related or connected tissues at fault. For instance, sciatica is often caused by a pinched nerve. But the nerve is often pinched by cold (Yin excess) tightening the muscles and tendons. To treat sciatica, you can often ignore the nerve itself and focus on the muscles and tendons above and below where it hurts.

If necessary, educate yourself online, at the library, or buy a book or two about your disorder(s). Break down your problems into specific tissues that are affected. And then focus on these tissues one at a time.

Here are the steps to a Novice treatment.

1. Gather your tools:

a. Tuning forks or software sound generator that can generate the following frequencies:

              1. Heaven: 144.72

              1. Man: 147.85

              2. Earth: 141.27

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

These sounds are also accessbile via the Treatment Tools drop down list box on The

Official Fu Xi Wen Website homepage as “Novice Sounds”.

b. compass

c. one teishin (the chopstick!)

2 Select the tissue angle and compass direction that treats the problem tissue you have selected. Let's say your goal is to stop acid reflux. Sphincters are smooth muscles. So, they can be treated at the same 60° (V.+60°) upward from the ground as skeletal muscle (remember the “Quick Start Guide”?) but when it comes to the angle parallel to the ground, we now want to point the sound tool first at 35° clockwise from due South (S.+35°) and then repeat step three again at 35° counterclockwise from due North (N.-35°) ala the tissue-angle chart. There are even better ways to treat individual sphincters that will be discussed in the Anatomy Guide. But we'll stick with simple tissues for now.

Tissue Angle Treatment

3. While holding your sound generating tool pointed towards the body part you wish to treat, keep your tool angled at your chosen tissue-angle, but move the entire tool up and down while playing the Heaven frequency for 30 seconds. Next, move the tool East and West, again making sure the angle of the sound tool does not change, while playing the Man frequency for 30 seconds. Finally, play the Earth frequency for 30 seconds while moving the tool at the appropriate tissue angle North and South.

So, for our example of treating acid reflux, point the sound tool at your midline just below the central sternum of your chest. Move the tools as directed above. For acid reflux, also move the tool up and down the sternum of the chest to treat the smooth muscle of the esophagus and just below the ribs on the left side to treat the stomach organ.

Turn off the sound.

Repeat this step for the respective Yin and Yang tissue-angles.

Container Qi Treatment (See “Container Theory” chapter)

4. Now, point your chopstick (teishin) at the tissue-angle and point your Fire sound tool directly up and move it up and down while playing the sound for 30 seconds. You can keep the chopstick steady or move it with the sound tool so long as you continue to hold it at the tissue-angle. Then, without changing the angle of the teishin, point the sound tool directly down for 30 seconds playing the sound. Next, keeping the teishin in the same orientation, take your Earth tool and direct it first East and then West for 30 seconds each moving the tool East and West. Finally, without changing the angle of the teishin, take your Water tool and direct it North and then South for 30 seconds each, moving the tool North and South.

Repeat this step for the respective Yin and Yang tissue-angles.

Painting The Box (See “Painting The Box” chapter)

5. Now, put down your teishin. In the same area you have been treating, point your Fire tool directly up and then directly down for 15 seconds each time, moving up and down. Next, take your Earth tool and direct it East and then West for 15 seconds each time, moving East and West while the sound plays. Finally, take your Water tool and direct it North and then South playing the sound for 15 seconds each time and moving North and South.

5. Breathe in deeply and strongly through your mouth. Then exhale slowly through your nose to set the energy. Do this two times.

This novice-level treatment essentially resets the tissue to its natural state of energy in the X, Y, and Z planes (overlooking the complexities of the situation). It changes
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
the smaller movements of energy, the universal particles of Qi, not the Jing. Some problems can be entirely treated by balancing the Qi as we are doing here in the Novice level. But some will require learning more Fu Xi Wen principles, such as how to treat Jing, the weave that constructs the body.

What is beautiful about the Novice level is the strength of the effect for so little intellectual investment. Cherish the moment.

In fact, I highly recommend that you remain a Novice for a little bit. While you don't really know all that much about Fu Xi Wen, you're wise enough to begin to treat just about any problem at a very unsophisticated level. Don't get offended. No one is calling you slow or anything (accept maybe a sibling of yours or the kind of friend that used to take the game “punch bug” too seriously). It's just that you really don't yet know what you don't know about Fu Xi Wen. And before you go to the next step which requires a significantly greater investment of mental energy and time, you should hang out here and learn the ropes. Explore some of the nooks and crannies. Be without becoming.

Remember all those nagging problems you ignore on a daily basis? Aches, pains, discomforts, and imbalances? You know, the ones you do your best to ignore because otherwise you need to go to the doctor or take medication to deal with them? Or simply letting them into your consciousness saps your emotional or physical strength? Those are the things you can start to whittle away at even at the Novice level. Make a list of things you would like to repair about yourself.

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