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Follow The Money

Fu Xi Wen is not a get rich quick
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I do not charge money for anything on this website. You do not have to pay as you go to learn the concepts. You do not have to pay for the tools unless you want to buy your own from someone else. I do not make money on your extra tool purchases – though I might consider becoming an affiliate at participating online stores, such as Amazon, where I might make a small percentage off a sale or a per-click fee. So it is possible that one day I will make something off of the tools – indirectly – but not now. I also don't pull you in for free at the onset only to charge you later for more advanced theory. There are no bait and switch, pyramid, or MLM schemes employed in this website or by Ethan Borg LLC.

Once you benefit from Fu Xi Wen, please consider making a donation. I hope one day these donations will pay the bills and encourage further development of Fu Xi Wen theory. Your donations drive the professionalizing of this field and its political protection.

Fu Xi Wen is free to learn. I do not make any money off of your personal education. I do make money if you purchase one of my books. And when professional education programs are one day created, I will likely charge to certify them. Of course, when this happens, there will be all kinds of oversight expenses. In other words, Fu Xi Wen's growth will cost real money.

Within the website, I may sell advertising as a source of revenue. I will never ever ever sell your personal information for money. I hate when companies do this to me and I will respect your privacy as I would want mine respected.

I plan on creating Fu Xi Wen organizations, such as associations, local community groups, newsletters and the like. I may make money on association membership fees but not on creating local Fu Xi Wen communities. I will organize conferences and workshops. Some classes may be free while others will likely cost money. If professional Fu Xi Wen magazines are created, you may have to pay a subscription.

When the field allows the licensing of practitioners, I will attempt to reduce the likelihood of malpractice lawsuits by requiring the signing of a universal Patient Agreement in which certain circumstances have to be met before a patient can sue. One such circumstance will require a review of the practitioner's behavior and practices by a committee of peers. This committee review will likely cost money. Perhaps this will also be a source of revenue – though as of this writing I do not yet know.

So, for those of you out there wondering what my angle is, thinking this is all too good to be true and suspecting that I have ulterior financial motives, here are my motives in black and white, inside and out. There may be unexpected revenue streams I have not anticipated, but the ones I mention here are the only ones I anticipate as of this writing.

Why It's Free

Let me explain why I do not charge money. First of all, I believe it reduces the audience. I know I would skip this website if I had to pay for it. I think to charge also diminishes the message. If you pay for it, then there is always the question of its authenticity. There are numerous scams on the internet and I do not want Fu Xi Wen to be associated with them. So,
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
instead, I will only make money when Fu Xi Wen is successful: donations from people who benefited, memberships to organizations by people who love this medicine because of their experience with it, and advertising that only makes money if people enjoy Fu Xi Wen in large enough numbers.

All this aside, feel free to present me with new revenue streams. Knock my socks off and put on the cashmere slippers. If your ideas do not harm Fu Xi Wen, I will certainly consider them even if it's unlikely that I will bite.

Why An LLC?

You may also be wondering why I created Fu Xi Wen under a limited liability corporation (LLC), Ethan Borg LLC, instead of a non-profit. Before I became an acupuncturist, I was president of TSW, INC., a Delaware S-Corporation. I have years of experience running a corporation and understand many of the strengths and weaknesses of this organizational structure. I know absolutely nothing about non-profits.

My preliminary research into forming a non-profit was discouraging. These organizations require a lot of investment of time just to understand their legal requirements, let alone actually running one. At this juncture, learning about non-profit organizational structures and regulations would slow down my development of Fu Xi Wen. And I am running at full speed bringing this theory to life. I leave the door open to one day forming a non-profit. But for now, I thought it was best to limit my liability through an LLC and focus on Fu Xi Wen's immediate needs. I believe using an LLC has the drawback of suggesting that Fu Xi Wen is all about the Benjamins. It is not. While I regret that implication, I do have to protect my liability and, at the same time, take Fu Xi Wen to the public. At the same time, contributors need to be able to add to this medicine without adding to their personal liability. Contributors who serve as official agents of Ethan Borg LLC will benefit from the protections offered by a corporate structure.

So there you have it. Follow the money. If Fu Xi Wen is successful, it is because it has changed lives. I hope it will change yours. And when it does, please don't forget the Donate page.

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