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Introduction to Open Source Medicine

Introducing A New Medicine

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[Please note that Fu Xi Wen theory is a fundamentally important building block in what is now known as Eminus Mirus. While Fu Xi Wen has not been abandoned, this site has not been updated in well over a decade as even easier methods to apply Fu Xi Wen that do not rely on sound frequencies or "Emoteishin" have been constructed out of this very amazing work. What follows is the original book. Perhaps most important of all of the theory you will find on this website is in the Tissue Angle theory and Container Qi theory, as these principles tie together classical Chinese medicine, Feng Shui, and modern ideas of anatomy and physiology and in doing so, provide a framework that is both enduring as well as highly applicable across many different energy medicine modalities.]

Welcome to Fu Xi Wen, a new medicine. And by medicine, I mean a methodology for healing from complaints and diseases throughout the spectrum of the human condition. My name is Ethan Borg. I created this medicine. Not only have I posted hundreds of free treatments online for your immediate use, I will teach you the entire medicine for free. Fu Xi Wen is like acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage therapy, chiropractic medicine, and homeopathy, to name a few alternative medicines to Western “biomedicine”. Each of these has its own unique theory of practice and its own set of tools. This is true of Fu Xi Wen as well.

The theory behind Fu Xi Wen has its foundation in theory that predates traditional Chinese medicine by several thousand years. At the same time, it bridges traditional concepts of physics with modern ideas of anatomy and physiology, making Fu Xi Wen simultaneously the oldest and newest medicine around. Fu Xi Wen is a complete medicine that can treat anything from dermatological issues to deep organ diseases. The only thing it cannot do is invasive surgical procedures.

Free Medicine

There is no need to spend any money at all to use Fu Xi Wen, hence its “open source” status. If you use Fu Xi Wen and cure yourself of an affliction, please send a donation of some fraction (or all) of your monthly medical expenses via the Donate link. Do you have to do this? No. But it serves many advantages, such as to help provide legal protections for this medicine and to help professionalize the field so that people can treat each other and not just themselves. If you don't provide a donation, please give some money to charity and spend the rest on organic food, community based agriculture, alternative energy, and other world improving ventures you felt too poor to invest in before. But here is the deal: cure yourself first, then we talk.

Open Source Medicine

What is “Open Source Medicine”? I take this phrase from the software world. In order to defeat monopolies, such as Microsoft, competing products have been created collaboratively through grassroots efforts consisting of enthusiastic individuals. Open Source Medicine is free medicine in opposition to the monopoly of the pharmaceutical companies that have turned Western medicine away from practical life-counseling (“heh, don't drink soda at every meal”) and towards drug pushing (“take these weight loss pills called 'Phen Fen'”). While it is starting off as just me and my ideas, I would love for you to become one of those grassroots enthusiasts who collaborates to create a truly alternative medicine for the masses. As you will learn, there are many unknowns yet to discover in this frontier and I am counting on you – we are all counting on you to explore the nooks and crannies of this new landscape.

Most open source software products, such as Linux, require a bit more knowledge by the end-user in order to utilize them. Fu Xi Wen, Open Source Medicine, is no exception. That's the cost to you – insight, enlightenment, testing your belief systems. In exchange, you receive a robust medicine that can ameliorate almost any condition. Fu Xi Wen is a real medicine and has its own logic. As a result, it has limitations just as any medicine does. It also can create side effects and could even kill you if you are careless in its use. So by all means, approach Fu Xi Wen with caution. As I say in my disclaimers, your use of Fu Xi Wen is at your own risk. You must also
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
indemnify Ethan Borg LLC, me, and my heirs before you begin treating yourself. Your use of Fu Xi Wen is contingent on your agreeing to the Fu Xi Wen User Agreement. This contingency is expressed on every single page of this website and my books.

If you follow the directions as I describe them, I believe you will find you have lower blood pressure, fewer illnesses, and faster recoveries than your pill-popping counterparts. In fact, Fu Xi Wen is not only prescriptive for current problems, it also offers preventative care so that you can avoid future diseases. Like I said, it is extremely robust.

Guinea Pigs By Choice

Fu Xi Wen, like most first generation open source software programs, is mostly untested. I have used it with amazing results in my practice. But I only have one practice that has its size limitations. So, for the purposes of full disclosure, I am not offering this generation an end to being a guinea pig. But unlike big pharma, that is forced to produce new drugs every twenty-years to stay ahead of patent laws (and thus leaves people in a never ending cycle of being guinea pigs), what you contribute to Fu Xi Wen becomes the medical foundation for future generations.

Unregulated And Unlicensed

Fu Xi Wen is unregulated and unlicensed. The User Agreement forbids your use of Fu Xi Wen on others – that is until a licensing program has been created. Practicing Fu Xi Wen on others would be considered practicing medicine without a license in the United States and presumably in other parts of the world. To avoid this distinction, no one at Ethan Borg LLC can provide you with individualized care. If you have questions, however, we are happy to answer them so long as you take responsibility for your own diagnosis and treatment and we play the more general role of educator.

Welcome And Good Luck!

There is so much beneath Heaven and Earth, far beyond our current philosophy. The cost is knowledge, so if you are willing to pay that price, I open this door to you.

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Use of Fu Xi Wen is contingent upon your acceptance of the Fu Xi Wen User Agreement. Use at your own risk.
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