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How To Use The Official Fu Xi Wen Website

This website is designed to teach you
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
how to practice Fu Xi Wen on yourself to heal from physical and emotional diseases and imbalances. It is designed according to a skill ladder allowing you to start using Fu Xi Wen with a minimum of theory. You can then proceed according to your interests and at your own rate along the ladder. You will find that each new skill level offers an improvement in your results but you will need to learn more to receive those benefits.

First timers should start by reading the Introduction and the FAQ. Next, read the Beginner chapters (accessible by clicking on the Beginner level in the skill ladder at the bottom of the page). After that, read the linked pages accessible at the top and bottom of the homepage.

Of course, some people will want to jump right in and learn by doing. We're ready for you. Before you do anything, re-read the Fu Xi Wen User Agreement and read the Cautions and Contraindications chapter (also accessible via the Beginner level of the skill ladder). Now you are ready to start poking around Fu Xi Wen via the Quick Start Guide (also accessible via the Beginner level of the skill ladder).

When looking at the Fu Xi Wen homepage, you will find it divided into several sections: the logo and left side Knowledge Base, the top links, the Step-By-Step guide, and the bottom links.

The logo always brings you back to the homepage.

The side Navigation section is blank until you click on the skill ladder. Once you select a skill level, the Knowledge Base appears listing all of the chapters that apply to that particular skill level. These chapters consists of the core theory you need to master in order to master that particular skill level.

The top section includes several links that are good for beginners or that you might want to access at any time. Please make particular note of the Donate page that is always accessible.

Below these links are the pictures of tissues. Below each picture is a drop-down box or buttons with step-by-step instructions as to how to begin to use Fu Xi Wen.

The first section has two buttons, one for Disease Search and another for Tissue Search. The Tissue Search function makes a drop-down box visible that allows you to select individual tissues. Alternatively, you can select diseases within every category of medicine. Selecting a disease state updates the tissue drop-down box with “best guess” tissues in dealing with each particular disease. In no way are these suggestions prescriptions for your particular problem. You may need to add or subtract tissues based on your particular needs.

At the top of the Tissue button's drop-down list box are the options: Tissues Within Tissues and the Anatomy Guide which will bring you to additional choices for identifying the tissue-angles for the tissues you need to treat for your particular disorder.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

The second box allows you to select your treatment tool. If you are new to Fu Xi Wen, select the Beginner Sound option. You may choose other options as you rise in the skill levels and understand how best to utilize them.

The third box provides you with the ability to record your treatments and your results. You can also view your results over time as well as the results of other people treating similar disorders. While we anticipate this information will be helpful to you, we strongly encourage you to collect data for the benefit of the entire Fu Xi Wen community. All data collected is made immediately available to the entire Fu Xi Wen community in an anonymous form to allow for statistical analysis of disease states, techniques, and results.

The fourth drop-down box allows you to learn more about Fu Xi Wen. You can access the entire book, create a curriculum that is suited to your interests, or access the Forums from this location.

The bottom section contains the colorful skill ladder. Clicking on a skill level updates the Knowledge Base. Below the skill ladder are more general links about Fu Xi Wen.

The final section of the site contains legal notices.

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Use of Fu Xi Wen is contingent upon your acceptance of the Fu Xi Wen User Agreement. Use at your own risk.
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